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Submission of Articles

Download/Print "Submission of Articles" Document

Article Requirements
•  Article large: 1,500 to 2,000 words
•  Article small: 250 to 900 words
•  Article summary: 15 to 100 words
•  Author description: 60 words or less
•  Article document format: .pdf
•  Article submitted is original.
•  Article is exclusively owned by the author and is free from
   copyright infringements, plagiarism and any breaches of privacy.
•  Article submitted does not violate any agreements with any other
   publishing company.
•  Article submitted includes contact information.
*Note: Properly footnoted content is acceptable unless prohibited by
the author and/or publisher.

Article Suitability Determined
Articles considered unsuitable for our magazine audience will not be published.

Limiting of Articles
Because of priorities and limited magazine space, some articles will
not be published until a future magazine edition.

Emailing of Articles
Writers may submit articles through the email.

Review/Edit Cycle
Articles will go through an edit/review cycle between the author and
the editing staff at Gospel Tramway.
•  No More than 30 Days Prior to Publication Date
   Writer submits article(s) to Editor/Reviewer.

Article Image(s)
•  Images must be royalty free.
•  Acceptable image formats: .pdf and .jpg
•  If the writer does not supply image(s), Gospel Tramway will
   select a title image and potentially other suitable images for
   the writer's article.

Article Copyrighting
Gospel Tramway will copyright all Lion of Judah Roars magazine articles before public distribution.

Article Submissions Modifications
Please be aware the "Article Submissions" document is subject to modification. Before submitting any new articles, please be sure to download the latest version of this document.