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Love – Presence and Belonging

Love - Presence and Belonging
God encourages us to grow deeper in intimate love with Him. As we do this, we will experience His abiding presence and a greater sense of belonging to Him.

At the converging point of intimacy with God is His presence. Will we go where the Holy Spirit moves us?

The Song of Solomon 2:10-13 (NKJV) reads, “My beloved spoke, and said to me: ‘rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away. For lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth; the time of singing has come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land. The fig tree puts forth her green figs, and the vines with the tender grapes give a good smell. Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away!’”

Will we rise up and go away with God when He calls us to spend time in His presence, to hear and see what He has, or have the cares and worries of life entrapped us? As with any relationship, the more we look inward and demand others to meet our wants and desires the more we can push others away.

Our gaze must be outward toward God’s face to express our love and trust in Him, to seek to know Him better, to understand His ways, and will for our lives and those around us.

An important component of having an intimate love relationship is the realization of belonging and commitment or covenant.

God calls us His children (see 1 John 3:1). As believers in Him we are joint heirs of God and are sealed with the Holy Spirit (see Romans 8:17, Ephesians 3:1). He paid the price for us with His blood and rescued us from hell and separation from Him who is Love. His love and salvation for us is a free gift.

He will never leave us or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). In fact, Isaiah 49:16 (NIV) goes on to state, “See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands.”

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