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busy business woman having troubles
Waste is a big problem in our country and I don’t mean what we throw in our garbage cans.

There is wasted time in criticizing, exaggerating to make a point, and going on witch hunts instead of spending our time praying for each other.

There is wasted time with regulations that have no value other than taking volumes of paper work.

There is wasted time bashing each other rather than building one another up and believing for the best for one another.

There is wasted time in working separate instead of working together.

There is wasted time arguing about trivial things rather than strategizing how to succeed.

There are wasted meetings and talk that lead to no positive action.

There is wasted money that does no more to feed lust and greed rather than work of the kingdom.

Quite frankly if we get rid of all the waste, just think how much money, time, and hate could be avoided. Think how much farther ahead we could be.

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