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Joy and Appreciation

I am learning much about the subject of joy and appreciation. There is a part of me that still feels the pain and loss of the past. God is teaching me that it is not just what I say in terms of confession, but it’s what and how I look at things.

I can be sad over a gray sky or I can notice and appreciate the beautiful things of life. For example the trees how marvelous God made them with leaves that clap in the wind. Or a flower that blooms in spring, a gentle breeze, a warm coat, a warm home, tasty food, a loving hug, and a wonderful God who loves me. I can celebrate these things. I can rejoice at the opportunity to sow financial seeds, and words of encouragement. I can smile. I can laugh. I can sit in a comfortable chair.

I delight in the Lord, in what He teaches me and the wonderful things He does for me. His mercy is so great. God is doing great things whether we see them or not. Praise be to God.

Help us to delight and be praising you God even during the fires of this time. How I love you God. There is blessings and strength in the joy of the Lord.

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