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Fly into Areas God Has Called You Into – Even if You Feel Afraid

Adult bald eagles feed their chicks
Consider the rearing of a little eaglet. When the little eaglet is encased in his egg, he is enjoying great comfort.

Inside the egg, the eaglet is the most confined. As long as he is there, his movements are limited. He is unable to experience the beautiful things of this world. He can achieve nothing of significant value and is limited in growth.

When the eaglet finally cracks through his egg, he begins to experience the world around him. He looks up at the vast sky. He hears the sound of his mother flapping her wings in take-off. He feels the wind surge through his fluffy covering and begins to enjoy the pleasant sunlight warming his body.

He is able to grow in ways he never thought possible. Even then the eaglet must continue stepping out to do new things that seem scary like flying off a high cliff.

Expanding our territory, growing, and experiencing more of God often requires us to venture out in areas unknown to us. Yet we must trust God to keep us from hitting the ground. We must be faithful stewards of the wings God has given us to fly.

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