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Life Is Full of Choices

Young lady in lunch room looking at donut

First Assembly of Saint David’s Church is about to have their quarterly board meeting. Pastor Michael is looking hurriedly for his administrative assistant. He finds her in the kitchen staring with a puzzled expression at a single donut.

Pastor Michael sighs, “Carly, what’s the matter?”

Carly replies, “I’m wondering what to do. We have ten people coming for our board meeting and all we have is this one donut left. Pastor, do you believe God can multiply this donut so that we may each have our own?”

“Certainly Carly! But that’s not always what’s important. It’s important to clearly discern and understand how to apply the word of God to each situation in our lives. Sometimes it’s just important to be content with what you have. We need to show restraint, abstinence, and temperance.”

Carly replies, “Yes, Pastor. Of course, you’re always right!”

With a relieved smile Pastor Michael says, “Carly. I’m so glad you understand. I try so hard to be a good example in both word and deed.

Now, since we have only a few minutes before our guests arrive and since the board has assigned me to take care of all the holy matters of the church, why don’t you slide that wholly delicious delicacy over to me so that I may dispense of it in five bites or less.”

Bruce Koch is president of Gospel Tramway. He is an author, intercessor, chaplain, pastor, teacher and preacher of God’s word. He resides in San Marcos, Texas with his wife Sherry and son Ethan.

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