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Texas Prayer Movement

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There is momentum building for a great prayer movement here in Texas. As God is calling church leaders to reach outside of the walls of the church with events and one-on-one evangelism, God is stirring His intercessors to join together and pray about key areas of society. As we are faithful to pray according to the leading of the Holy Spirit, expect darkness to be peeled away and the light of God to shine through.

The importance of prayer and intercession cannot be underscored enough. Prayer precedes revival and is a necessary component to undergird what God is working on to accomplish in our city, in businesses, ministries, families, personal lives, and government.

Prayer is the way we connect to God to listen to His divine strategies for reaching our city for Christ. Prayer is where God exposes the work of the enemy and calls us to stand as prayer warriors. Prayer is where we stand in the gap for leaders and individuals to be set free from such things as bondage, oppression, sickness, disease, and emotional wounding so they can experience the wholeness necessary to accomplish what God has called them to do. The Bible calls prayer important and so should we.

I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people—for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior, who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth. – 1 Timothy 2:1-4 (NIV)

As you read this article about some of the prayer movements going on, I challenge you to consider your commitment to prayer and how you might participate in prayer to see revival, wholeness, and harvest come to each sector in our society.

In this article we will look at several prayer focuses going on in the city of Austin, Texas.
• Individual Healing and Deliverance
• Businesses and Ministries
• Government
• Family

Whatever city you live in, consider the importance of prayer and listen to God about what prayer areas you might participate in.

Prayer for Individual Healing and Deliverance

In September of 2014 my wife Sherry and I interviewed a prominent prayer leader in the Austin area, Barbara Bucklin of Luke 4:18 Ministries.

Bruce: What would you say is your vision and mission?

Barbara: Our ministry name is Luke 4:18 Ministries. I believe that is Jesus’ mission statement as He picked up that scroll – which was Isaiah 61 – out of all those other scrolls and read it when He went into the temple. He said that the scripture was fulfilled that day.

– Luke 4:18 (NASB)

Our goal is to do the work of Jesus and advance the Kingdom today. At the time the ministry was formed we were working at Church Under the Bridge and seeing many who were homeless, depressed, brokenhearted, and oppressed. God had already started to bring people to my house who were also brokenhearted and oppressed.

When we decided to form the ministry, there was little question in our minds as to what it should be called. We became Luke 4:18 Ministries. I believe this is the call for all of us, to be working to see people not only saved but made whole by His love.

As believers, we must be those who are ready to listen, and use the tools He has given us to see people transformed and restored. That’s our mission! Each person we set free helps to bring down the strongholds over our city.

I’ve been working in the area of transformation in Austin since 1997, and believe that as we pray for people and see Jesus set them free, they are able to move into their gifts more fully and the city is being transformed one person at a time.

We see His Body move forward and unite in a different way because it’s easy to unite when hearts are healed. It’s difficult to work together with pain, unhealed abuse and other hurts. Wounded people find it difficult to work together.

Once you have healing and joy restored, you have a new resiliency and vision and then you move into a Kingdom perspective and a desire to see His Kingdom come and will be done.

Bruce (narration): Barbara shared with us that they trained others in the area of emotional and physical healing and deliverance to multiply the work of Luke 4:18 Ministries. So now they have several teams doing this work across the city. They opened a healing room in East Austin called Lighthouse Luke 4:18, which is open the second Saturday of every month at 2830 Real St., Austin, TX 78722 from 12:00 Noon to 3:00 PM.

In the interview, we talked about the media and the infiltration of the occult and other evils into our society, especially in the lives of the youth. Barbara addressed the need to close doors, forgive, repent, break destructive soul ties, and deal with occult intrusions.

Barbara: They say about one third of people have had some sort of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. Those are brokenhearted people that are captive to those memories, the pain and the trauma. In the deliverance process, we work with Jesus to see people healed and set free and people learn to hear the voice of God in the process.

Bruce (narration): Corporate prayer was another area we talked with Barbara about. She encouraged us to look at the national prayers of Nehemiah and Daniel.

Barbara: “There are many people praying very similar prayers, but they seem to be in pockets, rather isolated. There is not the corporate prayer that we had at one time. There is a great value for the Body to come together to meet, be united and to listen to what the Lord is saying. No one person has the whole strategy for Austin but there is a corporate anointing which occurs when we gather and listen to God’s voice for direction. Barbara also shared the importance of having listening sessions. She stated: “So often we come and we have this litany of things to ask rather than asking for direction before we begin giving directions. Listening for God’s voice is important and missing in many prayer meetings.”

Bruce: As we approach the Jewish New Year and in this particular season, is there anything that God’s been telling you that you feel is important that the Body of Christ know about?

Barbara: Yes, I think it’s really important that the Body know about the Feasts of the Lord. The enemy has done a good job of cutting us off from our Jewish roots over the centuries. It’s important to understand those roots and particularly God’s timeline.

Once we understand His timeline and the Feasts, it gives us a new understanding of Jesus and where we are in the long range timeline of the Lord. Last night was the first time I had the word come to me in a listening session that this is the time of “The Day of the Lord”.

That’s an important word. That’s a now word, “The Day of the Lord”. If we’re at that place, we really need to be paying attention to His timeline, what is happening globally and be those who discern the signs of these times. We need to put current events in perspective on God’s timeline and understand what the big picture is, why things are happening in Iraq rather than in some other nation.

What does it look like — the nations gathering around Israel? Are we even aware that we’re seeing prophetic things happen in front of our eyes? I don’t think most of the Body of Christ is aware of that. We need to understand these things and be alert so that we’re not deceived. The Word says that in the end times, many will be deceived. We are talking about believers being deceived.

We want people prepared and equipped in ministry, that is why the gifts have been given to us — to equip the Body for ministry and to advance the Kingdom. We need to be walking in freedom and maturity so we can do the good works prepared for us.

We also need to be alert, having our minds transformed to align with His words, increase our faith, and understand the prophetic nature of these days.

I believe He’s restructuring the Church. A while back I got a word that He was rewiring, realigning, restructuring, and then re-anointing.

Bruce: So there is a transition?

Barbara: There is a huge transition. I think at this point, it seems to be a small percentage of the Body of Christ which is transitioning. Most people seem really happy, content where they are, and when you talk about these things, some don’t want to hear about change. It’s challenging and uncomfortable. But I believe it is God causing it, drawing us back to the basics, talking about the cross and the blood of Christ.

My word last night was “listen up” and I think that’s a key for these days. He wants us to listen to His word, His timeline, His plans, and His strategy.

When I asked Him what re-anointing was, He said, “A double anointing and that it was coming.” So, those are words to me that are important. They are really important for the Body so that we can walk in the Spirit and hear what the Spirit is saying. That is essential in these perilous days.

I think He is rewiring us, changing our mindsets about many things in the Body of Christ, waking us up to what His Word really says so that we can drop some of the traditions of men and concentrate on what the Word says.

I think He’s realigning the Body. He’s realigning people. He’s making connections that are different than we ever had before, not just in the city, but globally. He’s going to be restructuring the Body of Christ, and the Church itself, the ecclesia. Of course the re-anointing is exciting. As we’re going into these end times, we need that double anointing. What an exciting time to be alive!

If you need healing (emotionally and physically) and deliverance, then email Barbara Bucklin at Visit the Luke 4:18 Ministries website at

Prayer for Businesses and Ministries

God is shortening the disjointedness that has occurred so long between businesses and prayer – especially prophetic prayer.

God has orchestrated divine strategy for businesses and organizations to be successful amidst the economic challenges and shaking of this hour. We have been called to advance and occupy in business areas as His kingdom people. I believe God has solutions hidden away for His Kingdom minded people that are humble and will listen to Him.

How can we know what God’s solutions are? As business and ministry leaders we need to set up and establish working relationships with prophetic intercessors, and apostles who can work with us to get out of ruts and align us to receive God’s flow of wisdom and blessings.

If after reading this article you would like prayer, prophetic counseling, coaching or mentoring at some level for your organization or ministry contact Bruce Koch at or go to the end of this article for a list of possible organizations you might contact.

Prayer for Our Government

Among the many pockets of prayer groups, one stands out as ground zero. Prayer at the TX Capitol happens every Thursday starting at 12:30 PM. Anyone with a burden to pray for our government is welcome to join once a week for a time of prayer. The prayer group started approximately six years ago with a word from the Lord to “dig the well”, which was made through worship, praise, and prayer.

Time at the TX Capitol is spent once weekly to worship, pray, honor Jesus, and welcome the presence of the Holy Spirit.

In the words of Linda Randall: “We pray for leaders and needs of those working at the Capitol, as well as for visitors. We bless, encourage scripturally, and speak truth in love to those that God gives us connection with. We welcome people to join us or to pick their own day and time to pray at the Capitol. We don’t focus on politics, join networks, prepare an agenda or pray lists. We pray as the Holy Spirit leads us. He knows what is on God’s heart for the moment. We want to pray God’s agenda, not our own. The government is on Jesus’ shoulders. We are just called alongside Him to pray.”
If you would like to pray at the TX Capitol, email Linda Randall at or call Diane Johnson at 512-219-9715 for exact time and location.

Prayer for Family

What is prayer in the family? What does it look like? And why is it so important? It’s important because God puts it as a high priority. When a family is broken then it effects how well individuals can move forward and complete the roles and tasks God has called them to fulfill. We are to be lights in the world including each family unit.

The world is looking for places of light, warmth, love, and refuge. Our homes need to represent these things. While each family member is going to be working through their issues, prayer is a way to keep our eyes focused on our mighty God who holds the answers to our dilemmas.

Husbands, wives, and children can see the release of God’s power by decreeing blessings over one another and by praying together in agreement for things they need.

Matthew 18:19 reads, “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.”

I advise families to read and pray out loud scriptures such as Psalm 91 when faced with adversity. I strongly believe that families need training and encouragement in this area.

Steve Carlson has written numerous articles on the family, the importance of prayer in the family and how to go about that prayer in various issues of the Lion of Judah Roars magazine. I encourage you take some time, read his articles and the books he has written. Steve’s email is Visit his site at

- Bruce Koch

Bruce Koch is president of Gospel Tramway. He is an author, intercessor, teacher and preacher of God’s word. He resides in Georgetown, Texas with his wife Sherry and son Ethan.

Barbara Bucklin is the founder of Luke 4:18 Ministries, a ministry serving the body of Christ by providing prayer, meeting physical needs of the homeless and poor, and working toward the unity that Jesus so desired. Luke 4:18’s healing and deliverance ministry has become one of the most sought-after services in the city of Austin, attracting people from all walks of life who desire physical and spiritual freedom and restoration. A respected citywide ministry leader, Barbara serves on boards and steering committees for numerous inter-church and citywide ministry groups, including Campus Renewal Ministries, Austin Disaster Relief Network, River City Hope Street, Christian Compassion Center, and others, adding both insight and hands-on help.

Barbara describes her role as a “networker”, bringing together churches, ministries and individuals to “fly in formation” as if birds of one flock, and modeling prayer along the way. Bringing the generations together has become a passion for her. Nothing less than transformation of the city and beyond drives everything she does.

Linda Randall has led Prayer at the Capitol for many years.

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