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Great Harvest

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A great harvest of souls is coming. Have you stopped to listen to God and align yourself in agreement with God’s kingdom plans and purposes? Don’t miss the opportunities God has for you to be a participant in God’s great harvest plans.

While there is a great shaking and sifting happening in our cities and things not securely founded on God’s Kingdom are being exposed and removed, don’t be frightened. God is about to reveal His glory in a great and marvelous way. Be assured many souls will be saved.

One of Austin’s reputable apostles, Bob Long, shared a message not long ago to the Church about a shake-up amongst leaders here in Texas and what God is doing to bring about an open heaven where revival and transformation can flow. Following are some excerpts from that message to the body of Christ.

Bob: I want to make sure that you know the details of the prophetic vision I received in June of 2013 at the Rick Pino event where Dutch Sheets and Damon Thompson were speaking. It had a time table to it and we are now seeing very dramatic things unfold as God fulfills what He revealed. This is playing out to be one of the most important God scenario’s I have ever seen regarding Austin in the 14 or so years I have been here.

We are seeing only the beginning of it, but if it “plays out” fully according to what God is saying and showing — it will result in more of an open heaven than we have ever seen. You know me well enough to know that I do not speak in this way lightly. What it all will look like, we don’t know. Please keep reading.

We MUST align in a watchman prayer posture over this word for two reasons:
1. to enforce its fulfillment in the spiritual
2. to hear the Lord as a ministry for any role we might possibly need to step into

The vision and unfolding fulfillment from June 2013: The night at PromiseLand Church in June of 2013 when Dutch was ministering, he called Sam Brassfield and I up to prophesy over University of Texas and Austin as he was sensing something specific flowing that needed to be released. Damon was also on the platform, as was Rick. I walked up to the mic and immediately saw in my mind a very clear vision. Normally, in the prophetic flow I do not see anything — I hear it. What then unfolded, dramatically impacted me and happened very fast.

A vision unfolded clearly and I immediately saw a huge, very black, dark evil city in a high place. It was noticeably sitting on a thick, huge, solid foundation. I immediately, instinctively knew it was a governmental evil, spiritual, stronghold — the opposite of a city of light set on a hill. It was totally evil and sitting in the heavens over University of Texas.

Then I saw a huge room with a number of huge, human looking beings, but they were caricatures – cartoon like almost. Large, round, bloated male like beings, almost like huge “roly poly” inflated, exaggerated versions of the Monopoly guy. They wore suspenders and had their thumbs tucked under them leaning back, laughing, gloating, and mocking at every effort that had ever been made by Christians to break University of Texas (and Austin) free from their control — demonic, spiritual, governmental control.

They mocked past efforts, were mocking our gathering, and even every effort that would be made in the future.

These were obviously ruling spirits entrenched in a spiritual stronghold of pure evil over University of Texas and everything connected to it. Their arrogance was unbelievable.

SUDDENLY — I saw a blinding, huge, lightning bolt from above them strike the stronghold and totally blow off the entire corner of the foundation under the city of evil. It shook the entire structure. It tilted and listed and everything in it began to shift and slide around.

INSTANTLY — I heard the voice of the Lord say: “I am about to strike that which has never been struck. Even in the next 12 months you will see the beginning of what I am going to do. I am the Lord and I have spoken.”

Again, instinctively, I knew that the end result would be an open heaven where revival and transformation could flow like never before. I also instinctively knew it was about both University of Texas and Austin, affecting everything that was connected. – Bob Long

In Bob’s message he shared several key events signifying the exposure and removal of key leaders in high places such as in the University of Texas. In this article I won’t go into any specific names and events he shared. It is just important to grasp that this has occurred. Following is the last part of Bob’s message.

Bob: This is the time to pray the word/vision God gave. Every root of iniquity, every enthroned stronghold of corruption empowered by principalities and powers must and can be taken down. God is striking that which has never been struck. Please do not underestimate this season.

When you start talking about the President of University of Texas and possibly even the Speaker of the Texas House (and those he handpicked) being affected by something that God Himself is doing, then it is of the utmost importance for our State and Nation.

It’s of the utmost importance for the 51,000 University of Texas students waiting for an unprecedented awakening on the campus. It’s of the utmost importance for Texas that an awakening sweep through the Texas Capitol complex and State Government. It can happen! God is striking the demonic strongholds in the spiritual realm in a way He has never done before! I sure don’t have all the answers, but I do believe. Believe with me.

It’s “our stream” that is responsible to pray, spiritually align with it, herald it and believe for it. It’s our responsibility to partner with God and then empower and connect with the whole Body of Christ to respond in whatever way God reveals.

No one owns awakening or revival. We all simply serve HIM and each other across the Body of Christ. Please share this and mobilize believing prayer. – Bob Long

You can ‘Friend’ Bob Long on Facebook to learn details on the connection of the University of Texas and the Texas Legislature.

As Bob emphasized, it is important to: partner with God, pray, listen to Him and play the role God asks in connection with the whole Body of Christ.

I also believe it is important to judge or examine ourselves that we are walking as kingdom people securely rooted in the unshakable kingdom of God. In this divine hour, I encourage us to make ourselves vulnerable before the Holy Spirit and ask Him to reveal areas where our dependencies are faulty and out of agreement with His plans and way of doing things.

In maturity, we understand we are working for Him and for His glory and not to build our own empire. As a body of believers we must work in accordance with His timing, order and way. When God calls us to obey, we must not delay or hold back in our obedience.

Just as actors and actresses must know their lines, their positions, and act on cue, we must understand that the stage is being set and regardless of inconvenience we must act obediently and on cue. Delayed obedience can cost us dearly and put us out of sync with God’s kairos (opportune time).1

It is much better to be in a posture of being proactive rather than being off balance and reactive. Being reactive often results in being late and missing God’s best. When we are proactive, we are able to address issues when they are small and we can establish a firm foundational footing to gain the advantage and put ourselves in alignment to receive abundant provisions, and perform the tasks God has assigned us to do effectively.

The harvest is plentiful. Let’s be prepared, keep watch, and be faithful servants to participate in the abundant harvest to come!

An excellent soul winning campaign that is forming in our city is called Cities Ablaze. I encourage you to pray about participating. Please refer to the front inside cover of this magazine for more details or contact Deborah Nazemi by email at or by phone at 512-537-0755.

- Bruce Koch (with excerpts from Bob Long)

1. Strong, Dr. James, The New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, Thomas Nelson Publishers, Nashville, Tennessee, Copyright © 1995, 1996

Bob Long is a graduate of Christ for the Nations Institute and has over twenty years of fruitful ministry experience. He is an apostolic voice who desires to see the Church restored, reformed and matured into fullness. Traveling and ministering in many churches and nations, Bob passionately stirs calling and imparts vision. He releases a fresh sense of destiny and purpose to both local churches and to individual believers. Deep apostolic revelation flows freely out of his teaching gift, bringing direction, clarity and encouragement especially concerning the themes of the Kingdom of God and the Church.

Bob is the founder and overseer of Rally Call Ministries and Rally Call Center in Austin, Texas. He is Director of New Testament Leadership Studies at Christ for the Nations in Dallas, TX. He is committed to being a spiritual father to the next generation of Ephesians 4 leaders through true apostolic relationships, training, and impartation.


Bruce Koch is president of Gospel Tramway. He is an author, intercessor, teacher and preacher of God’s word. He resides in Georgetown, Texas with his wife Sherry and son Ethan.

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