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Be Safe, Not Sorry!


The following story is based on a true dream that has served to warn us of the impending dangers ahead and the importance of repentance, close fellowship, and surrender to God.

Julie opened the squeaky screen door of her Topeka, Kansas home to stare into the dark threatening sky. She was nervous that late afternoon after hearing reports of a possible tornado. Her sister Wendy was rocking back and forth in her favorite wicker chair knitting a blanket for their niece Karen.

Suddenly, the local tornado-warning siren blared off. It was reminiscent of an air raid siren in England during World War II. The blaring siren warning meant they were to take cover at the town’s only tornado shelter named the Tabernacle Safe Haven. Wendy and Julie broke through their front door and cut across farmer Jankin’s cornfield to congregate with the rest of the locals at the Tabernacle Safe Haven. Julie lingered in the shelter’s outer courtyard. Having apparently forgotten something, Wendy bolted out of the shelter’s gate to try to make it home. Julie sprung back to try to stop her, but was halted by a big man dressed in a white T-shirt and white jeans.

“I cannot let you go. It is for your own safety. Please proceed to the Safehouse.”

His commanding presence stopped all protests before they reached her lips. The outer courtyard was still exposed to the elements, but was just yards away from the inner chamber of the shelter. Julie caught a glimpse in the distance of three roaring tornadoes. She wished she could have stopped Wendy, but it was too late.

Julie hung around the outer courtyard and mingled with her neighbors while others ran straight into the protection of the shelter’s inner chamber. Suddenly, one of the tornadoes changed direction and rushed towards the shelter. Julie stumbled as she sprinted towards the entrance of the inner chamber, but was literally knocked off her feet by the edge of the tornado’s explosive winds. She broke a wrist when she hit the ground.

She had made it to the inner chamber, but not without injury to herself. She held her head with her good hand and trembled. If I barely made it, then what has happened to Wendy? Oh why did Wendy go back?

Once inside the shelter, she was safe from the destructive forces of the howling explosive winds. But why hadn’t she gone all the way into the inner chambers in the first place? Why did she linger? These questions whirled around her head. Now all she could do was to go forward with her life.

Story Summary

We can learn from this story the importance of fully surrendering to God. Just as the burnt offering was totally consumed on the bronze altar, so our hearts are to be totally in surrender to Christ. We are to come into fellowship with the saints of God and come boldly into God’s throne where we can find safety, grace, and favor with God. It is not wise to hold back in hesitation when God asks us to go deeper in Him.

- Bruce Koch

Bruce Koch is president of Gospel Tramway. He is an author, intercessor, teacher and preacher of God’s word. He resides in Georgetown, Texas with his wife Sherry and son Ethan.

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